John de Mowbray Duke of Norfolk


Son of John de Mowbray 3rd Baron and Joan Plantagenet, father of Jane de Mowbray and husband of Elizabeth de Segrave

John was baptised on 25th June 1340. As was the custom of lords at the time, John served in the French wars. The 4th Baron took the cross and met his end near Constantinople, fighting against the Turks on 9th October 1368.

John de Mowbray married Elizabeth de Segrave on 25th March 1349;  on 25th October 1338 Elizabeth was baptised in Abbey Croxton, Leicestershire, the daughter of Sir John de Segrave, 4th Baron Segrave, and Margaret Plantagenet, Duchess of Norfolk. Margaret's parents were Thomas Brotherton, Prince of England and Earl of Norfolk and Alice de Hayles; Thomas was the son of King Edward I of England and Marguerite of France.

John and Elizabeth had at least two sons, and several daughters:

John de Mowbray who succeeded his father to the barony.

Thomas de Mowbray

 a daughter who married Roger, Lord De La Warr

 a daughter who married John, Lord Welles

Anne de Mowbary, Abbess of Barkyng

Joane de Mowbray who married Sir Thomas Grey


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